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Laundry Club has expelled the stain from the laundry business. No unforgiving synthetic substances. No dull and obscure customer facing facades. No shrouded expenses. Simply splendid, grinning experts anxious to give your articles of clothing the perfect they merit. What’s more, it’s everything supported by Laundry Club – the most believed brand in Laundry care for more than 15 Months.

Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning procedure pummels recolors yet simple on the earth. Here, there are no unforgiving concoction smells. Simply the new fragrance of Laundry Club.


We offer various approaches to make cleaning as speedy and effortless as could be expected under the circumstances. 24-hour drop-off and pickup is accessible through advantageous drop boxes and assigned storage spaces. We even have mechanized stands running all day, every day. Envision the straightforwardness of an ATM, however for your laundry.

When you arrive, you’ll see the distinction at Laundry Club. Our car side valet will deal with your laundry while you remain in the vehicle. Inside, your garments will be sent through our careful 7-point investigation where free strings are fixed and broke catches are fixed for nothing. You could state we wear our 95% consumer loyalty rating on our sleeves.

Our Vision

7-point Inspection
We make a point to ensure your garment looks its best when it leaves Laundry Club Dry Cleaners. That’s why we use our unique 7-point inspection process to check for stains, damage, and special instructions multiple times. As a bonus, we even tighten loose threads and repair buttons for free.

Our Mission

There’s something special that separates Laundry Club from all the rest. More than the name on the front of our store or the detergent that runs through our machines. You see, it’s not about us. It’s about our customers. It’s about providing the absolute best in quality, convenience, and customer service.
Laundry Club Dry Cleaners will eliminate the worst part about laundry. Like doing it. This includes washing, drying, and immediately folding your clothes just the way you like them. Your laundry will always be done according to label instructions and cleaned separately from other customers’ items. This service includes all garments that don’t need to be pressed.
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