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An innovative franchise model that has expanded to India by making technology the core of the business. Laundry Club adds delivery to a new type of customer and offers laundry subscriptions to increase their retention.

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By developing a unique value proposition where technology connects the offline and online worlds transforming your business into a modern and successful investment, we have created a solution system where our partners find everything they need to run their business and achieve their goals.

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Expanding your business by opening New branches yourself is a costly exercise as each new location will involve marketing cost, New building leases, salaries for New employees, and investment in capital equipment, in contrast, .franchising a successful business can prove to be a much less expensive route to Major expansion each franchise then pays you a percentage of their monthly income .guaranteeing your company a profit if the initial business model is sound.

Simple Management

As each franchisee is responsible for the day to day operations of their business and must manage it in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out in the agreement they sign, there is no need for you to micromanage each new franchise. Franchisee will have invested their own money in the business and will share the same goals as you. i.e. maximizing profit. your management system will therefore be much simpler than would otherwise be the case.

Manpower support

Laundry Club provides you manpower support like Washerman, Iron person, or Store Manager While in the beginning Or In the running business.
Laundry Club is always there where you need.

Better Market Place Penetration

Franchise are normally already familiar with the area in which they plan to Operate and have many local contacts, providing better and Faster Market penetration than could be achieved by your business expanding into new and unfamiliar territories on its own.


Franchise network allows for much Faster expansion because each New franchise is self-financing. This is in contrast to organic business expansion. which are naturally slower as you will be working with a limited amount of capital and must therefore wait to make a return on each new branch before opening another.

Training Support

Full Machinery training
Software and APP Training
Solvent Training
Business Development Training

One-Time Franchise FEE

  1. Laundry Club Head office assists in the recruitment and promotional activities for the franchise office.
  2. You can use our WEBSITE, iOS APP, ANDROID APP, SOFTWARE, or our CALL CENTER to make a booking.
  3. The franchise deal is closed with legal documents (100% transparency)

Online & Offline Marketing

Online Marketing

Offline Marketing
& many more

Everything in just one place

We’re Changing Dry Cleaning for Good!!

We welcome the budding franchisees to take the franchising opportunities available with Laundry Club. From day one, you’ll work with a dedicated management team, whose job is to help you make the most of your investment by providing outstanding training and support in the areas of Franchising, Operations, Training, Marketing, I.T. & Finance

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users

Thanks to our mobile application, Laundry Club users will be able to request a wide range of services through their device. From one-off orders to monthly subscription plans; everything you need to forget about this tedious household chore. On the other hand, our Jeff Suite software is the technological administration tool that will make internal business management easier for you. Automating tasks, tracking clients, and controlling payments are just the beginning!

Laundry Club Software


  • Online & Offline Order
  • Income & Expenses
  • Barcode & Scanner
  • And Many More

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